Green Bay Recruitment leads to Great Success

On February 3rd, the YAL chapter at UW-Green Bay recruited at the organization fair called Orgsmorg. After recruiting each semester with a new recruitment method we decided to go back to using the worlds smallest political quiz. This led to a great success in recruiting freshman on campus. 

Madelyn and Alex Tabling

Prior to the organization fair there was a huge snowstorm which resulted in many classes being canceled and many students were not able to attend Orgsmorg. This left us curious of how many students would actually participate but we ended the day with over a page of sign-ups of interested students. This just shows that hard work and the love of liberty can yield positive results.

After the recruitment drive, we held an introduction night later in the week for people to learn more about the organization. The turnout was amazing with 18 people attending many of whom are brand new to the movement. A lot of the newbies were already passionate about the ideas of liberty and eager to learn more and become involved on campus.

Intro Night Turnout

With this great turnout many are likely to attend our Wisconsin YAL conference where we hope to hook them on liberty and YAL for good. Overall the tabling was a success and led to a great meeting and hopefully a fantastic semester.

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