Grin it and and “bare it” for the state?

The TSA is expanding its “bold new approach” to airport security, using “stimulus” funds to order up 150 more “whole body imaging systems” for purposes of “national security.”

If you can stomach this sort of monstrosity, take a quick glance at the picture of this screened man prominently displayed on the TSA’s own website. These naked images, soon to feature American dads, moms, and children, are coming to a “public servant” near you!

To comfort us sheeple, the TSA promises that “The officer who views the image is remotely located, in a secure resolution room and never sees the passenger.”

Well, how reassuring! And here I was all queasy about the notion of a bureaucrat seeing a high-def visual of my naked body. Now that know I’ll never see the man examining my image from a “remote” location, I’m MORE THAN READY to comply!

Sarcasm aside, it is telling that the TSA Website notes that, “These technologies are optional for all passengers,” but that “Passengers who do not wish to utilize this screening will use the walk-through metal detector and undergo a pat-down procedure to ensure they receive an equal level of screening.”

Is the TSA seriously saying that their searches will include an equal level of screening as that a “full body,” image displaying everything? And since they proudly note that 98% of those polled preferred the creepy machine to the “alternative” check, one can only imagine what that  “pat-down,”  will entail….

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