Growing Cleveland’s YAL Chapter

Friday was an absolutely beautiful day to “Restore the Fourth” and spread the message of liberty at Cleveland State University. With some help from friends joining us from Kent, we were able to talk to individuals and spread awareness about our presence on campus. In the near future we will host events that will allow the chapter to show solidarity and ambition towards our goal of achieving a society based on freedom. The social and political zeitgeist is ripe for sowing the seeds of liberty, which is all the more reason for us to act with a purpose.

It is good to see that we already have activity on campus. As we move forward, communication and planning will be essential to meet the goals of the organization. My hope is to see a unified front between members of Cleveland’s YAL chapter and the other liberty-minded and conservative groups at the university. Winning hearts and minds is the first step towards victory in our endeavors. As freedom is a generally appealing idea towards people, I expect to see a rapid increase in our chapter’s membership and activity at Cleveland State. Let’s look forward to finishing the spring semester with a bang.

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