Growing Disagreement Between Council on Foreign Relations and Population at Large

The Pew Research Center, falsely misidentifying noninterventionism as isolationism, nonetheless reports some good news:

The general public and members of the Council on Foreign Relations are apprehensive and uncertain about America’s place in the world. Growing numbers in both groups see the United States playing a less important role globally…. And the general public, which is in a decidedly inward-looking frame of mind when it comes to global affairs, is less supportive of increasing the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan than are CFR members.

Click here for the full report, and take a look at its graphs and charts below.   As you’ll see if you read the full piece, the public isn’t better on everything — it’s more aggressive toward Iran, for example.  But nonetheless, winds of noninterventionism, even if poorly understood as of yet, seem to be blowing.

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