GT YAL Kicks Off 2013!

YAL at Georgia Tech had a busy start to the year!  We started off the semester with YAL’s national activism project, Free Markets 101, choosing to host a Rags or Riches event. 

For this project, we tabled closer to the College of Business than usual, thinking this demographic would be much more receptive to discussing economics and business than the typical engineer.  This strategy paid off, and we had a steady stream of curious students stopping to chat. 

Students play our Rags or Riches game

Of those who played the game, a majority placed the US at the top of the chart ranking countries by economic freedom and per-capita income.   Most were surprised to find that America was actually 4th on our list, and practically all were shocked when we told them that America is actually ranked 18th in the world.  The most common response made us laugh: “You mean CANADA is beating us?” 

We also used the Rags or Riches tabling to advertise for the semester’s first meeting.  We got a pretty good turnout, and managed to recruit several new members and fill a few officer vacancies in the process.

 Dr. Wenzel comes to GT

The Leadership Institute also helped YAL @ Georgia Tech host Austrian economist Dr. Nikolai Wenzel, who spoke on the causes of the recent economic collapse.  We have a video posted on YouTube:

The first month of 2013 has been a success, and we have even more planned for the rest of spring.  Keep posted for more updates!

GT YAL officers & Dr. Wenzel

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