Guerilla Activism at Walters State

This was the inaugural semester of our chapter at Walters State Community College. After the decision was made to start the chapter, a core group of liberty minded people came together who are passionate about spreading the message of free markets and personal liberty on our campus. Our primary activity this semester was gathering the signatures necessary to become a recognized group at our school.

Until we are able to gain official school recognition, our chapter will not be able to table, or reserve space for meetings and demonstrations. This means school recognition is our first priority. Since we couldn’t do traditional tabling, we had to get signatures like liberty guerrillas, do so informally anywhere and anytime we could.

I’m happy to say that over the course of the semester, we were able to gather enough signatures to be recognized when our school board meets again next semester. This will allow us to really step up our activism and increase our presence on campus. Next semester, we hope to particularly focus on educating students about Austrian economics and spreading an antiwar message.

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