Guest Speaker Adam Kokesh at Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast

Well I was not able to attend this event, but my chapter was able to co-sponsor it with a pro-cannabis organization on my campus. With all of that in mind, although I am not for anarchy and the total dismantling of government, I do believe other ideas must be expressed so we got behind the idea of having an extreme candidate for president come to our school and talk to students about “how government is illegitimate”, and other cool catch phases.

Not a lot of people attended but that is not to say it was unsuccessful or should not be attempted; no, if anything under better circumstances I could have lobbied for a better time and had a better turn out. Also, my opinion is that his staff were highly unorganized and waited until the last minute. At any rate, it was a learning experience and I know what to do in the future for speakers. Mainly do not think they have it all together and be proactive in making sure they will be where you need them to be and have the times, places, and communication stressed.

What I do know is that it got our organizations name out there, helped bring a speaker in, who although I didn’t care for, one of my members wanted to see, and above all it set the tone for what YAL can do, even on a small campus.

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