Guilford College YAL has Skype Session with Senator Rand Paul and Meets Jack Hunter

Saturday March 22, members of Guilford College Young Americans for Liberty went road tripping to Columbia, South Carolina. Our chapter hit the highway to attend the South Carolina Young Americans for Liberty state convention at the University of South Carolina. Guilford YAL had great experience and the road tip dynamic of the adventure allowed us yet another bonding opportunity. We met at a local Starbucks at 6 a.m.  Hannah McNeil, our Vice President was our pilot, so after we ordered coffee, we loaded up in Hannah’s car to begin our libertarian adventure.


The convention kicked off with an early morning Skype session with Senator Rand Paul:


Later, Jack Hunter spoke at the South Carolina convention with a tone of confidence regarding the liberty movement.  Hunter said, libertarianism cannot be stopped and our mere presence drives the “old guard” crazy.  And I think he just might be right. Hunter addressed the recent CPAC convention and the changing face of conservatism. 


“Pro gay marriage views were expressed on the main stage,” along with “panels on ending mandatory minimum sentencing…about shutting down prisons and getting nonviolent criminals out of prison,” said Hunter. Citing 2014 CPAC poll results, Hunter noted 52% of attendees “said that America should do less around the world” and “a majority or plurality of conservatives at CPAC 2014 supported legal marijuana.”


Guilford YAL had the opportunity to meet Jack Hunter after the convention!


Pictured left to right: Cassidy Bennett, Pamela Rhyne, Jack Hunter, Hannah McNeil, Jared Willis

Guilford YAL celebrated its one-year anniversary on January 11, 2014.  Last year, I attended the state convention in Raleigh, North Carolina all by myself; however, this year I went to the SC state convention with three of my Lliberty-loving friends.   Guilford YAL has truly built a community within a chapter.  I find this to be the most difficult element of building a libertarian-minded organization.  Libertarians are individualistic people.


Another benefit to an event such as a convention is you are presented with an opportunity to meet liberty-lovers outside of your campus network. Vice President, Hannah McNeil, said, “At the convention I really enjoyed being able to meet like-minded people in my area and was able to make connections I would not have been able to make otherwise.”

On the trip, our Treasurer, Jared Willis, surprised us with a treat. The YAL SC convention was held during Guilford College’s spring break. Once on the road, we found out Jared’s mother sent a huge container of delicious, scratch-made cookies!



In order for your YAL chapter to last post-graduation, you must build a community within your club. We are friends outside of our activism. We eat lunch together. We keep in touch outside of meetings. I believe having fun and being friends with members of your chapter are the key elements to keeping your chapter alive after you graduate. The 2014 South Carolina Young Americans for Liberty state convention allowed Guilford YAL yet another community building experience and we are thankful for the amazing opportunity!

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