Guilford College YAL Raises Awareness of the US National Debt with “War on Youth” Events on Campus

On April 17 and April 24, 2014, Guilford College Young Americans for Liberty hosted their War on Youth event.  Both days, our chapter set up on the patio of Founders Hall on the Guilford campus. However, our War on Youth festivities truly began with our prep night on Wednesday, April 16. In lieu of a standard meeting, we gathered together to prepare for the upcoming events. 

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The next day, we set up camp on the patio at Founders. The banner being on the outside of the entrance to the Founders patio drew even more people out to the event.  And undoubtedly, the game was an attention-grabbing dynamic.  Plus, we have to admit, having a giant Obama head is quite fun.


images day 1

With each bucket having its own label, the game format allowed for people to learn more regarding topics unfamiliar to them. 

day1 a

On the second day of our event, we could not have asked for better weather! The sun was shining, and students gathered around our table to take part in the game, which drew attention to the exceedingly high debt of the United States. Ultimately, the notion of ending the frivolous, over-spending of the US government transformed into an epic battle upon the Guilford College campus.

Largely, as a chapter we found this to be one of our most successful activism events. Said Vice President, Hannah McNeil:

The War on Youth event was by far my favorite activism event that our group has done.  It really got a lot of attention from students and opened up a lot of discussions, which helped other students learn what being a libertarian really means and what our club is all about.  It was the event that got the most attention on our campus.

Fundamentally, we found the casual nature of the game allowed much room for conversation to evolve.  In fact, periodically political discussions erupted—literally surrounding the game. We met new people interested in joining our YAL chapter, and we also had some fantastic discourse with individuals of both the left and the right.  A conversation, which allows both space and time for tangents, enables each side to discover more about the other.  

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end the fed

day 2 gaming

day 2 gaming 2

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