Guilford College YAL Sends Message to Washington, DC


Guilford College Young Americans for Liberty held our chapter’s first activism event on Wednesday, April 10 on campus, on the patio of Founders Hall in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Generation of War anti-war activism event was during Guilford’s “Community Time” from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and was a success, with over 33 letters being signed by students and faculty to be mailed to the President of the United States of America.  The letter addressed not only putting a stop to endless war, but also pointed out the fact that Barack Obama’s actions have become unconstitutional.



Members of Guilford YAL collectively composed a letter and provided copies for students to sign at the table, which offered each individual the opportunity to sign their own personal letter addressed to President Barack Obama. Guilford YAL also enticed students to stop by with a candy bucket, chips and fantastic cupcakes, which spelled out “YAL LIVE FREE.” Provided on the table were pocket constitutions, stickers, pamphlets and bubbles.



Students had fun blowing bubbles around the table, while others took part in playing “Pin the Drone on the War Zone.”  We also invested in a remote-control miniature airplane, which the club portrayed as a drone.  Students were able to fly the Guilford YAL anti-drone drone through the campus sky, which featured a photo of Obama on the front, as if he were driving (or watching).


Prior to the event, YAL members debated between whether the letters should be mailed to North Carolina’s Senators or to the President. Guilford YAL ultimately decided upon Obama, since in 2013 snail mail is not the normative method of communication.  In fact, throughout Guilford YAL’s “Generation of War” activism event, positive comments were made about the club’s choice of snail mail. 

Concerning Guilford YAL’s first activism event, Vice President of the club, Hannah McNeil, stated, “Our first activism event was awesome!  We had a lot more people attend than I originally thought we would, which was great.  I’d say we did a really good job for our first event.” Guilford College Young Americans for Liberty successfully piloted the group’s first activism event and members of the club are enthusiastic about offering more opportunities of activism and education to the Guilford community. 

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