Gun Control Debate at University of West Georgia

We held our usual Free Minds Forum on March 7th. The topic was gun control, with an emphasize on the 2nd amendment. The discussion started out on the topic of different forms of gun control then evolved into more theoretical aspects of the gun control debate. We deciphered the second amendment text and used wording and context to show the significance and meaning of it in 2018. For example I was able to point out how the text makes it clear that the founders included arms in the constitution as a right to ward of tyranny and to maintain a free society.

The event was not designed to shame or make left-leaning students make a volte-face on guns. However it was intended to provide a space for all students to speak their minds on an issue that is both relevant and filled with falsehoods and misconceptions. Some of the students who attended later told me that they learned a lot from the libertarian perspective and they appreciated the unbiased nature of the event. They recommended more events similar to the forum because of the lack of good public discussion on things of substance on campus.

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