Gun control is not about protecting people.

In the wake of shootings in Pittsburgh and Binghampton, NY, gun control activists are up in arms, to make a truly bad and overused pun:

“We have 32 people being murdered by guns every day in this country,” said Michael Wolkowitz, a board member of the Brady Center, which lobbies for tighter gun restrictions. “If peanut butter or pistachio nuts or spinach killed that number of people once in one day, they’d be pulled by the [Food and Drug Administration].”

Unfortunately for him and anyone who listens to Mr. Wolkowitz, this is a sorry excuse for an analogy. First, if spinach killed that number of people once in one day, it would be all over the news and people everywhere would stop eating spinach of their own accord until it was announced to be safe again. They would do so because there are plenty of good replacements for spinach available. Where practical private self-defense is concerned, however, guns do not have comparable replacements.

A second serious problem with this example is its blatant falseness: there are plenty of things in this country which kill far more people per day than guns but are not “pulled” by the government for very good reasons. Car crashes, for instance, kill about 115 people per day which is more than three times the amount guns kill, but it would obviously be madness to disallow cars.

It seems fairly obvious that the number of deaths per day is not the real issue here; disarming the public is.

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