Gun Control Leads to Colorado’s 1st Ever Recall Election

Colorado voters are recalling Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron in response to their votes for gun control measures in the recent General Assembly Session. This is the first ever recall election of state lawmakers in Colorado.

The special election, set by Gov. John Hickenlooper for Sept. 10, is expected to cost voters between $150,000 and $200,000 according to El Paso and Pueblo county clerks.

Morse and Giron are both under fire for their support of stricter gun control laws. Denver District Court Judge, Robert Hyatt, ruled that the petitions gathered complied with laws stating, “recalls are a fundamental right of Colorado citizens.”

With the help of the National Rifle Association, organizers submitted petitions last month with enough signatures to start the recall process.

Second Amendment activists tried to recall a total of four Democratic state lawmakers, but failed to gather enough signatures against Sen. Evie Hudak and Rep. Mike McLachlan.

El Paso County Republicans, backed by the state party, are running Colorado Springs former City Councilman Bernie Herpin to challenge Morse.

Sen. Giron is expected to be less vulnerable in her Democrat-leaning district.

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