Gun Control to its logical end

I was reading an article on Raw Story today about Ron Paul’s comments on the recent attempts at gun control that are being thrown around congress, including the ridiculious attempt to ban firearms in a 1000 ft distance from any federal offical.

The article was actually pretty fair — it didn’t take anything out of context, which Dr. Paul’s opponents left and right have definitely been known to do. But of course the fun of reading a site generally antagonistic to liberty is not the articles themselves but the vitriolic comments that the supposed “understanding” and “loving” left puts out. In between the calls for Ron to be shot (didn’t the left just have a hissey fit over “angry political speech”?) many of them were calling for tougher gun control, up to entire bans on guns and ammunition.

So let’s take this idea of a complete gun ban to its logical end. If you truly are for a complete gun ban than you must argue for the abolition of the police and military. Now, many would counter by claiming that we need a police and military to prevent crime.  But then, I must ask, what makes a police officer or a soldier different from any other human? Are they more moral than you or I? I would point to the rampant police corruption of the NYPD and the abuse of Abu Ghraib to show that in fact many immoral people are actually present in those institutions.

The state and its manifestation in the institutions of the police and military are still composed of people. They are not superhumans or angels; they are just like you and me — motivated by percieved self interest. Many may join one of these institutions in the hopes of “helping society,” but those are few and far between.  Often the strongly moral in the police and military become either a Bradley Manning-style whistleblower or a Daniel Lakemacher-style activist. There is even evidence that shows some police agencies even reject the more intelligent because they tend to not stay with the force for long.

So the next time you’re in class and your leftist brethren start going on a tirade about how guns are the root of all evil, ask them why we need the police to be armed.  Because unless putting on a badge or a uniform magically transforms people into something better than human, police and military members have no more of a right to own a gun than you or I. 

The ironic thing is that the state has used guns to kill more people than any gang of criminals ever could.

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