Gun Sales Spike for Colorado in 2008

With the passing of 2008 the state of Colorado saw a big spike in the sales of firearms. It appears this is the direct result of the election of Barack Obama.

The Rocky Mountain News reports:

Gun sales reached record levels in Colorado in 2008, a spike many attributed to fears that Barack Obama’s election will mean tougher firearms laws.

Background checks to clear buyers exceeded 200,000 for the first time in history. More than a quarter occurred after the Nov. 4 election.

At the Crossroads of the West-Gun Show of the Rockies on Sunday at an Aurora hotel, gun dealers and Second Amendment advocates alike said there is a direct relation between the election results and firearms sales.

First off, I know that some people in the east would think that we are just a bunch of crazy westerners that like our guns. Part of that is true, but there is an underlining principle at play. In the great state of Colorado we understand our freedoms.

We understand the philosophy of protecting ourselves from tyrant governments. Coloradans understand that we give the power to the government and if they become over reaching, we have the right to take it back and abolish what we gave.

It is not about some rednecks wanting to have their guns, because Colorado is not necessarily a redneck state. We believe in Liberty out here, and will protect it against the bigger power one would call the government.

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