H.R. 45: Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009

Only a little over a week into the new administration and some in Congress are already trying to undermine the 2nd Amendment. Earlier this month Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Illinois) introduced this new bill into Congress. Although I believe it is still in a sub-committee we should at least keep an eye on this terrible piece of legislation.

The bill would require anyone that owns a gun to have a gun owners license with a picture and thumbprint on it. It would also require anyone seeking to get a license to take a test on the safe storage of firearms, the use of firearms in the home, the legal responsibilities of being a gun owner, the safe use of firearms, and any other parameters deemed fit by the U.S. Attorney General. There are some other items included that are fairly vague that do with restrictions on interstate trade and sales, but I don’t think anyone questions that this bill, if passed, would violate our rights as citizens.

You can read H.R. 45 in full here.

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