H1N1 Vaccine Protest

New York has annouced mandatory H1N1 vaccination for their health care workers. The New York State Department of Health has declared that by November 30th you must be vaccinated, unless you have a “personal health issue” which may exempt you.

With the state trying to forcibly vaccinate them, health care workers across the state have begun refusing to take this sitting down. Tomorrow (Tuesday) from 11am to 1pm  NY Healthcare Concerned Citizens Group will be leading a protest of hundreds of NY healthcare workers in Albany.

Click here to hear the leaders of this protest discuss what their hospitals are doing and why they are refusing it. Remember, if New York can do this to their health care workers it could set a precedent to make this mandatory for all citizens. With that in mind I doubt they would disagree with some help spreading their message if you’re going to be in the area.

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