Halloween Night with the State?

Well, not exactly, but you’ll get a heavy dosage of ObamaCare propaganda if you go to the new “Saw” film. Apparently we’re supposed to root for “Jigsaw,” the trashy series’ psycho killer, as he kidnaps and murders nonviolent people with bad social habits, as well “turning the tables” on as a health insurance agent.

The latter, as the moral busybody Jigsaw repeatedly notes, is only getting his commeuppance for being an evil capitalist. That is, the old socialist mantra that withholding money or time for oneself, rather than others, is morally equivalent to aggressing against someone else.

But while the filmmakers expectation that we “root” for Jigsaw is rather odd, it seems no more ridiculous to me than to “support the troops.”

(Thanks to Anthony Gregory)

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