Handing Out YAL Swag in the Union

Another Successful day of informing the public with the Clemson YAL chapter. Today, we set up shop next to a stairwell that sees a lot of traffic. Though we didn’t receive as many signups as the previous few times we tabled, we still exceeded expectations, since most students this time around are gearing up for exams. We had a bunch of signups from students who are concerned with the current climate of campus politics, as well as the state of personal liberties.

I had some great conversations with some great pro-liberty students. Though my spiel didn’t deviate too far from my usual recruitment talking points, we had an insightful discussion about Clemson’s efforts to preserve liberty, recent controversies, and the steps the university has taken to stifle liberties. Clemson, as great of a school as it is, still has policies put into place that go against the first amendment, punishing students on subjective and vague criteria. to top it off, Student government seems very adamant to chip away freedom of speech on a very regular basis. Students at Clemson are not satisfied with the performance of the University’s leadership, and as a result, have signed up to join the cause for liberty.

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