Hands off the internet!

Downsize DC, one of YAL’s partner organizations, launched a new campaign today called “Hands off the internet” to help people tell their representatives that the last thing they should be doing is regulating the web.

Using their “Educate the Powerful System,” you can quickly and easily send a message to your Representative and both Senators about the importance of a free and unregulated internet.  This issue is of the utmost importance, not just because the internet is such an amazing tool for liberty, but because it has been under attack more than ever recently.

You can use Downsize DC’s system to tell your representatives to protect…

  • Your emails and web activities from warrantless spying
  • Your right to contract with the Internet Service Provider of your choice
  • Your right to speak and publish freely on the Internet, including your right to be anonymous so as to protect yourself from majoritarian oppression

…and many other issues that relate to keeping the internet free.  

Also check out Downsize DC’s other great initiatives.

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