Hands Off, TSA!

Wouldn’t it be nice to slap the fondling hands of TSA thugs? As many more Americans now begin to question the horrid intrusiveness of TSA procedures, a bill proposed by Congressman Ron Paul looks to curb the violation of personal privacy at America’s airports.

Paul’s proposed legislation, known as H.R. 6416 or the American Traveler Dignity Act aims to make clear that TSA agents are not immune from US law when it comes to physical contact with others and would effectively subject them to the same laws and standards as everyone else.

In essence, the TSA is a useless, unconstitutional federal mess and should be put out of our misery and abolished. Americans need not sacrifice their individual liberty for a false sense of security; that’s how big government gets its weight. The validity of our rights is not meant to rest at the subjective discretion of government.

The federal government and its TSA henchmen think it can rob us of our dignity. As Congressman Ron Paul recently put it in a recent address on the House floor; to them, we are like mere cattle meant to be herded. And until something can be done such as the passage of Dr. Paul’s proposed bill, the TSA will continue to violate our rights, our dignity, and our pants.

You can check out Congressman Paul’s recent address to the House, both in video form and in its full text here.

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