Happy 2nd Birthday to YAL

Two years ago today, YAL officially launched with Congressman Ron Paul’s endorsement, a new website, a new logo, an email to the Ron Paul 2008 list, and our first online donation. The continuation of Students for Ron Paul had begun!

Happy 2nd Birthday to YAL
The current YAL National staff (minus Dave Hoyt) celebrating 2 years!

Thanks to the 170+ chapters and 3,000+ dues-paying members who make up Young Americans for Liberty. Y’all make it all happen. You are the reason we are educating and mobilizing an entire generation.

These past two years have been my best and most blessed years of my life. And, personally, I have many people to thank for it. There are too many to name individually who have contributed to YAL over these past two years, but I do want to thank my friends who have worked or interned with me at YAL National over these past two years:

David Hoyt, Edward King, Bonnie Kristian, Shane Helm, Chris Robertson, Jeffrey Hubbard, Tim Schumann, Kevin Brett, Justin Page Wood, Amy Mandler, Shaun Bowen, Trevor Leach, Nicole Gonzales Knowlton, Nick Leavens, Rachel Kania, Matt Ciepielowski, Roy Antoun, Wesley Messamore, Mikayla Hall, Sam Swedberg, Austin Brenneman, Brian Parker, Emily O’Neil, Anne Fields, Vladimir Rudenko, Christopher Pille, Jared Fuller, Dave Grabaskas, Adam Weinberg, Daniel McCarthy, Matt Holdridge, Dick Clark, John Paul Sabby, Chris Gault, Andrew Kaluza, Craig Dixon, Jon Baszkiewicz, Jake Gissendanner, and Josh Jackson.

Happy Birthday y’all!

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