Happy Constitution Day!

   Here in Williamsburg, Kentucky, University of the Cumberlands’ YAL chapter started students’ Monday off with a couple full boxes of Liberty!  UC Young Americans for Liberty passed out over 250 pocket Constitutions courtesy of YAL and the Leadership Institute.  Students getting lunch in between classes were handed the founding document and engaged in conversation about the Bill of Rights, self-government, and YAL’s recent activity on the campus.  

   Constitution Day festivities marked the third day in the last five that we at YAL had made our presence felt on campus.  Students who were involved with, or had heard about, YAL’s Free Speech Ball on Thursday and Friday, were able to gather more information about our club, our mission, and the upcoming ways we will be fighting for Liberty.  With the help of nearly all active members of the chapter at one point of the day or another, we were able to collect an additional 20+ contacts to the information list, and received commitments to join us for our chapter meeting Wednesday. 

   Our chapter here at UC is showing itself to be an energetic forced to be reckoned with, and what’s brewing in the ‘Burg is going to be something to watch as we continue to grow and #MakeLibertyWin here in Eastern Kentucky as well as the rest of the nation!  

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