Happy YALidays from Capital University

As the seasons change and the weather gets colder we at Capital University gather around the flame of liberty to keep warm and embrace the YALiday season with open arms.

Lighting the Liber-tree

On December 3, we staked out in the student union and started spreading our YALiday cheer with the larger student body. After setting up our first ever “Liber-Tree” we set out to make old St. Nick look bad by giving to gifts to all the collegiate age boys and girls. With the help of our fantastic supporters at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) we were able to give away a multitude of liberty themed texts including classics such as The Law and Economics in One Lesson. Especially popular were I Pencil and Are We Good Enough for Liberty.

The Gift that keeps on giving

Many of the students we spoke to were highly receptive to the idea of getting some free reading for their down time over winter break. Several students were so excited about the gifts that they expressed interest in getting involved with our chapter next semester, a true YALiday miracle. 

Happy YALidays!

Later in the evening we celebrated with the other political organizations in the first annual “Political Party” (A collaboration between the Campus Democrats, College Republicans, Socialist Student Union, and YAL). Our chapter thought the YALiday season would be a great time to put aside our political differences with the other organizations and just embrace good will towards mankind, even the socialists. 

The party was a hit with classic seasonal games such as snowflake decorating, dreidel, and an ugly sweater contest, plus some political ones like “Politics-Pong” and the ever popular Operation Politically Homeless. With the help of our more than generous sponsors we were able to provide pizza and soda for those in attendance which turned out to be a great way to get politically inactive people in the doors. 

Special Snowflakes

Throughout the night we were able to connect with students outside the chapter on a more personal level and explain what YAL is all about. Many students we talked seemed genuinely enthused about our chapter and got more information about how to get involved next semester. Several students ended up leaving with not only free books and swag we had out on our table, but also wearing our buttons! 

 dreidel, dreidel, dreidel

In addition to all the YALiday festivities and recruitment we also organized a toy drive for the charity Toys for Tots. Over the course of the night we collected several toys, which were all placed under our Liber-Tree, and raised over sixty dollars to go towards buying toys for children in need. It was inspiring to see such a diverse crowd come together and choose charity to help our community.

 The crowd gathers

The Political Party was definitely the move and %100 lit. Attendance was much higher than we had initially expected and were pleasantly surprised by the large crowd. The party was a triumph for our recruitment team who had been working to organize everything and get people to the event. The day really set the tone for the YALiday season and gave us a triumphant and meaningful conclusion for our first semester on campus.

 Political Pong

We here at Capital University would like to wish everyone in the liberty movement a happy YALiday and best of luck for next year.

Party favors

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