Happy YALoween ’13 from North Georgia YAL

For YALoween ’13, North Georgia YAL made sure that we were super active with not one, not two, but three events!

To prepare a strong start for the week of YALoween, we worked through the weekend to make some super awesome tombstones for a Bill of Rights Graveyard!


Thanks to the great work of our Public Relations Officer Jorge and his favorite helper Katie, we were able to erect a set of headstones for three days straight. They got very positive attention. One girl even emailed me asking to learn more about YAL and if she could interview me on the Second Amendment for an ethics project.

Unfortunately, our  Fourth Amendment headstone went missing, but we’re taking that as a compliment. Perhaps someone needed it for a project or was just really impressed and wanted it for a room decoration. Or maybe someone is just really against privacy. Who knows?

Bill of Rights Graveyard

On top of that, we put on an event that we called “The Vampire Government.” We set up a table with tons of candy, dressed Jorge up as a vampire, and made pamphlets explaining how the government is like a vampire, draining the life out of the economy. Read that pamphlet here or on the attached file (I strongly suggest it, but I wrote it so I’m biased) and feel free to reuse it in the future! Also, check out the video below for all the awesome pictures from both projects!

Awesome Vampire Government Pamphlets

Vampire Government Jorge and El Presidente

We also decided to enter a video contest featuring the usage of the Creepy Uncle Sam character from Generation Opportunity (you’ve probably seen this video). Due to shipping issues, we shot ours on a very tight deadline (about 6 hours) with limited crew because of last minute scheduling. Despite this, we still placed third! The contest and our video has even gotten some media attention from Red Alert Politics! Give it a watch and a share and make sure you don’t let Uncle Sam sneak into your pockets.

I have to give major thanks to our Region Director Joshua Parris for giving me a heads up about the contest and to Generation Opportunity for giving us the chance.

North Georgia’s first ever YALoween, despite being slammed with things to do, was wildly successful and another step in our year of quality activism!

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