Harper Becomes a Cemetary for Civil Liberties


On Halloween our civil liberties rose from the grave, and came back to life right here at Harper! We passed out candy and cookies, as well as valuable knowledge about how the government is slowing writing away our rights as free men. 


The tabling went well; we passed out over 100 pieces of literature and went through four bags of candy. Of course, there was some who tried to argue with us, claiming the government needs to take away some of our liberties for us to be safer, so instead of arguing we just gave them a cookie and sent them on their way. 

Our costumes really had nothing to do with civil liberties but they were donated to us so we are not complaining. The event went well and I recommend it to other YAL chapters because it is a fun event for your members and it is relatively inexpensive.

civil liberties display

the crew

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