Harper College Chooses Charity

When YAL announced the Choose Charity activism project, we here at Harper immediately became excited and banded together to put on two events, one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas! 

St. Timothys

For our Thanksgiving event we hosted a Timothy’s Ministries event. Timothy’s is a charity that was started by Marian Alvarado, who wanted to celebrate her late son Timothy’s life by hosting a birthday party luncheon in his honor.  The luncheon is for people that battle homelessness and poverty.

Timothys Birthday Cake

Young Americans for Liberty had the privilege to host the event, where we cooked and served hundreds of people who are homeless and helped with the donation, sorting and distribution of cloths for Timothy’s clients.  We helped feed and clothe over 200 people.  Our Vice President, Kristie Constabileo, presented the traditional birthday cake to the group, in honor of Timothy’s memory. 

Timothy's ministry 3


Also, keeping in tradition of Christmas time, we wanted to help the Society for Preservation of Human Dignity at the Holy Family Catholic Church.  This charity helps make the lives easier for families that are at the poverty line or lower. 


We helped organize a Christmas party for the families so their kids could have the Christmas they deserve.  We helped with games, arts and crafts, face painting and passing out gifts.  It was a great experience to see the 200+ families enjoy themselves, and there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing children being happy and joyous during Christmas time. 


This event to me is what being a member of Young Americans for Liberty is all about. 

Helping the community and spreading the message is so important.  Events like this really show us libertarians that we need to be grateful for what we do have.  Voluntarily taking time to help out those less fortunate shows that even though we are about the individual, we are not just in it for ourselves and we truly want to help others out.  We here at Harper will never forget this and we want to thank Timothy’s Ministry and PHD for letting us help out.  We are forever grateful for the experience; it taught us so much.


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