Harper College Congratulates Young Americans for Liberty

Club of the Year and Officer of the Year

I knew that since we started Young Americans for Liberty at Harper College, we were doing big things and getting noticed.  What I did not know was how big of an impact we had at Harper College!  

On May 10th, YAL brought our top officers to represent us at Harper College’s 45th Annual Student Leadership Awards Night.  We applied for club of the year and I was nominated as officer of the year.  We had no idea that at our liberal college would even pick us because of pro-liberty views.  But we swept the awards and received awards for club of the year out of 60 active clubs on campus, and I won officer of the year!

Recieving our Award

We had such a big year — we did over 9 events, and on our free time we worked on getting pro liberty candidates elected to student government.  We elected a treasurer, secretary and a vice president to the student government, and I was elected to the Community College Board of Trustees; where we vote on budgets, school planning, and collect tax levies. 

The crew

We graduated 10 of our members from the Youth Leadership School, held a State Legislator discussion panel, Iraq War memorial, and acquired a list of over 300 potential YAL members.  We even did two Choose Charity events that won us a national activism award.

I could not have been more proud of everyone who helped make this a successful year. We took the school by storm, and we are now the most recognizable club on campus. We drew so much attention that the school’s president hosted a lunch with us in the presidential suite! 

Harper College graduation Billboard!

Looking back on the time spent working on this club; I can say for our first year goals we accomplished our mission. YAL has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I grew as a person, candidate, and leader. I met some great people and have built lifelong relationships. I could not have done it alone — without my members we could not have achieved so much. 

Kristie Constabileo was the best Vice President any organization can have. I am so proud to have worked with her and become great friends with her. Thanks to Kristie, all my officers and members, and I want to give a big thanks to our Regional Director Charlie Vidal and Joshua Parrish for always being a phone call away. I also want to thank everyone at YAL National for really giving us the tools to grow as a chapter and as individuals. 

Young Americans for Liberty is a great organization and I am so happy to be a part of it!

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