Harper College Free Markets Spring Recruitment Drive


YAL @ Harper College kicked off our spring recruitment with a bang!

We participated in three recruitment tables and signed up a total of 90 people!  Our first event of the semester was the Student Activities: Involvement. Our table was vibrant with YAL literature, and books about free markets. At the event, we signed up 60 people and invited them to our future Free Markets recruitment drives.  While at the Expo, we noticed by the school’s newspaper and told them about our success at the fair. 

We then used Jenganomics at our next event to attract people to our table. Jenganomics was very effective at getting students attention, which was very valuable in a building which is not the best place to hold events because of less student traffic. At the event we gave out free candy, and explained to students how government redistribution does not create more wealth, and that it actually makes our economy less stable.

At the event a bunch of people starting forming in front of our table wearing all kinds of weird clothes and we were wondering what was going on and then we found ourselves involved in a Harper Hawks Harlem Shake video. Unfortunately, the camera angle was bad, but students enjoyed it!  

After the event we reevaluated our approach for Rags or Riches, and we secured a table in Avante.  Avante was hopping with students and Rags or Riches was a huge success.  We had stickers, After the Welfare State, and The Free Market Cure as prizes.  Whoever got 5 or more right had their choice. If a student got all 10 right he or she would have won a Ron Paul End The Fed book.  Many people tried, and many people failed to get that book.

The students who played the game were very engaging and many great conversations sparked at the event.  We had 15 sign up from Rags or Riches, and the school really benefited from having our talk. In our chapter president’s Comparative Politics class, his professor actually taught about why governments provided welfare by quoting After the Welfare.  We are having an impact on our students and our faculty. After every event we held meetings and explained our stances on the free markets and have a steady flow of new student activists!

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