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GenWarOn March 20 the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war, Young Americans for Liberty at Harper College set out to leave a lasting impression on the student body about the real cost of war. 

Our initial plan was to have a memorial flag display for the 162 Illinois troops who have died in the Iraq war outside in the quad. But the weather took a nose dive right before the event and the ground was too hard to plant the flags.  So we had to adapt and overcome and we decided to integrate our flag display with our timeline of all the engagements America has been in since a majority of college kids have been borne. 


The event started with a memorial dedication ceremony where Daryl Knight, the Director of Harper College’s ground plan and retired Marine Corps officer, gave the official Harper College dedication of the memorial.  Daryl spoke of the strength and devotion of our military, and how we should be proud of their sacrifice.  Our keynote speaker was Col. Roman Golash of the United States Army.  Col. Golash gave a riveting speech on how our Americas military is the most dedicated group of citizens and how the sacrifices of the men, women, families of our military should not be forgotten. 

GENWar3The event was held in Avante which is the most high traffic area at Harper and the students were very receptive to the ceremony. After the ceremony ended we started phase two of our Generation of War event. Our timeline started in 1988 until present.  We should casualty statistics from every conflict the United States has been and showed graphic pictures that showed the real cost of war. We also included drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somolia. We passed out all of our Generation of War palm cards and had discussions with many students. We expressed our views on war, and showed the students that war is hell, and before we send our troops to war we need a constitutional declaration of war in order to send our troops to fight.

We expressed our belief that the President’s war powers need to be restrained, and we promoted a policy non-interventionism. 

Overall, the student body learned a lot and they were shocked by the statistics and pictures we put on display. Many students were shocked that a conservative group endorsed a foreign policy of non-intervention, and I believe we exposed the students to a new form of conservatism. 

Harper College took notice and sent their media relations team to document the event, and they press released it to the papers.  This event solidified our great relationship with the school and helped us recruit 30 new potential members.  Generation of War had to be our favorite national activism project so far, and we plan on doing more activism events like this!


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