Harper College: Operation Politically Homeless

poltical quiz

I finally got around to posting about our political quiz, part of the Advocates for Self Government’s Operation Politically Homeless. We had more than 40 students from Harper take part in the quiz, and some professors as well.  It was a fun event and it was good to see all the libertarians on campus.  Turns out my English professor is a libertarian and she loves Ron Paul as well!  I would not have known that interesting fact if it was not for the quiz. 


Many people at the school become excited and hungry for more knowledge when they found out that they were libertarians, which is why Operation Politically Homeless is a great tool to use for recruitment and promoting other events. We used the quiz to promote our Legislative Panel that we hosted that night. All the new libertarians came out because they wanted to learn more about their new political identity!

political quiz

The quiz made our evening event more successful.  When you perform the quiz, you want to have a meeting or and event following to get the prospective recruits to come out while they are still excited and looking for information.  We love the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and thanks to it, we had a very successful event that night!


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