Harper College Young Americans for Liberty: Legislator Panel

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On Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, three of our district’s state legislators came to Harper College for a discussion on civil liberties, debt, pension reform, and government transparency on the state level. 

Senator Matt Murphy, Representative Tom Morrison, and Representative David Harris all joined us for a discussion panel designed to get Young Americans for Liberty and students from Harper College engaged in politics on the state level.  The event was a success and 45 students from the campus came to attend along with 10 members from the community. 


The legislators were very excited by the turnout and loved that our club was so organized and involved within the political community.  We now have a tight bond with our representatives in Springfield and that will help us in the long run make a difference in this state; to promote liberty, and ensure that our voices are heard.  Our state legislators were asked some very serious questions about the violation of our civil liberties to include traffic cameras, and the use of drones here in our state. 

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Senator Matt Murphy said, “Redlight cameras remind me too much of George Orwell’s 1984,” while giving his explanation for voting against that piece of legislation.  When the panel was asked about drones being used over Illinois skies, Rep. Morrison replied, “I will never vote to have drones fly over Illinois and spy on citizens of this state.”  I think the most interesting outlook on drones was from Rep. Harris, who was an Army general and has had experience in deploying drones overseas.  He made it clear that drones have no purpose in this state because the drones are a warfare tactic and using them domestically would not make Illinoisians safer.   

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This event taught our group a lot and we were so happy the legislators could attend.  In order for our voices to be heard in the capitol we have to show our representatives that we are a strong force that they will need in the future to win elections, and that is exactly what we did last night!  

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