Harper YAL spreads the message of Liberty on Constitution Day!


September 17th was Constitution Day and Harper YAL worked with the Political Science Department for Harper’s official Constitution Day event. 

John Marshall Professor with YAL

Members of the faculty, John Marshall Law School, and YAL provided the students of Harper a panel discussion about separation of powers and the constitutional law of the land.  Students came to the theatre to watch Harper’s professors explain how the separation of powers has been overlooked in today’s government.  After the panel, YAL was invited to make an announcement about our involvement at the college and share with everyone our passion for the Constitution. 


We passed out over 150 constitutions to the students and even got some more recruits.  It was an exciting time for us because it was our first event.  On the 20th we technically were not allowed to host events because we had not gained full recognition yet but we were invited by the Politcal Science department because the faculty is so excited to see students becoming involved with government concerns. 


We are the only political organization on campus so we are really making a splash.  It seemed fitting that on September 21st (last day of Constitution week) we were granted tentative recognition by our Student Senate in a 10-0 vote.  When the club charter came up during the meeting many members of the Student Senate expressed a lot of interest in joining our club.  Harper’s chapter of YAL is on the verge of a breakout year and we are excited to share it with our new friends on the Student Senate!  All in all it was a great week for us!

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