Have I lost my mind, or has America?

An honest look at the facts we’ve uncovered so far in the Fast and Furious investigation cannot but yield a very harrowing conclusion: in all likelihood, senior officials at the Department of Justice — that’s America’s federal police whose job it is to keep Americans safe from crime — knew for months about criminals illegally buying powerful rifles and allowed it to continue in a bizarre operation to see which crime scenes they would end up finding the guns at so as to gain information about the black market for firearms.

Let me repeat that more succinctly: Our federal police, tasked with keeping us safe from criminals, put thousands of powerful rifles into the hands of violent criminals for months! This should be THE top news story until it’s resolved — and it needs to be resolved quickly. How can this investigation be allowed to drag on for months and months? Why is public outrage not more intense and pervasive? Why are today’s trending topics on Google search such relative inanities as Kourtney Kardashian, Usher, Serena Williams, UFC, and Wimbledon, rather than Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, straw purchases, gun walking, and Darrell Issa?

Have I lost my freaking mind, or has America? One or the other of us has.

See more coverage of Fast and Furious from Jon Stewart after the jump.

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