Have YOUR “End the Fed” Sign in Silver Circle Movie!

Silver Circle is producing an animated film about a rebel group that takes on the mighty Fed.  In this futuristic tale, heavy inflation takes over as the financial institution’s power grows.  

The cool parts about this film are all the ways to get involved.  Through the whole month of May you can submit your photos of signs or send the actual sign to be included in the movie to the address or e-mail listed here in the Facebook event.  Any protest signs you would like to send it that are relevant to monetary policy and the Fed are welcome!

The students at Drexel University’s Student Liberty Front as well as Silver Circle will hold an online gallery of the photos where, after the submission period has ended, everyone can vote on their favorites.

The top 5 will be sent to Silver Circle Movie’s studios to go through the process of animating the sign and inserting into certain scenes in the film.  Here are some examples that are up already on Stacy Litz’s gallery page.

Any questions contact me or refer to the Facebook event above.  I hope you all dust off the old signs or snap a high quality picture for them to be duplicated in the film!

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