Haverford College Recruitment Drive

Hello all you liberty lovers out there! We here at Haverford had our recruitment drive a bit earlier this year and more recently had a follow-up event, and so today we bring you our results!

So, we had the original recruitment drive during our activities fair. We had a neat little table in which we were able to use both YAL provided supplies as well as supplies from Turning Point USA, buttons, literature, and posters were provided so THANK YOU!. President Jay Colon and Vice-President MaryKate Cavanaugh were there tabling, allowing us to pull quite a crowd at times. As we were calling out “You look like you love liberty!” or “Can I interest you in some Freedom?” to passersby, we found ourselves with groups of people frequently around the table, just to learn more about YAL.

During the event, we promoted our first meeting as a screening of Can You Take a Joke? which we also screened last year. During the time between tabling and then, we followed up individually with sign ups via email. On the day of the event, we had a few doughnuts prepared as snacks, chatted for a bit and then started the documentary.

All in all, our recruitment drive went well and led us to a fairly comfortable first event. We’re going to be using our second event to host the wonderful Karith Foster tomorrow, here at Haverford, so be on the lookout for our next blog! 

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