Headline Round-Up

Your headline round-up:

1. “Free trade” agreements losing popularity amongst GOP

2. DC status quo: Bail them out, regulate them, then work for them

3. Congressmen get armed in wake of AZ shootings

4. Hooray! Pentagon finds a way to make more weapons for less money

5. More support for tying debt ceiling hike to balanced budget requirment

6. Committees in DC are costing more and accomplishing less

7. House GOP proposes $2.5 trillion in cuts, defense untouched

8. Obama officials in Israel to “preserve their advantage”

9. Murdering, racketeering government arrests over 100 murdering racketeers

10. Rep. Upton puts pressure on bureacracy created by Obamacare

11. Gun control advocates want Obama to mention it in SOTU

12. Bush senior calls Gulf War “moral,” says he “wasn’t worried” about critics

13. Closing Guantanamo? Get real.

14. As US slogs on in Afghanistan, Karzai makes friendly trip to Moscow

15. Koreas could be on the verge of negotiations

16. Wikileaked cables: US wants China to bully Iran too

17. Nullification rising: Idaho and others fight back against Obamacare

18. More bailouts planned in Brussels to try and rescue Euro

19. Possibility of states going bankrupt as legislatures ponder options

20. Verizon taking FCC to court for giving itself sweeping new powers

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