Headline Round-Up: Monday, April 11th

WH warns of “Armageddon” if debt ceiling isn’t raised… | The Hill |

Majority of Tea Party, Independents oppose… | MSNBC |

Obama was against raising limit before he was for it… | USA Today |

Obama opposes cuts, then calls them historic… | WSJ |

Senator Paul calls budget cuts “negligible”… | The Hill |

On eve of 5th Anniversary of RomneyCare, Mitt’s in… | Politico |

Democrats cheer his support for healthcare mandate… | Fox |

“Founding Father” of Obamacare… | The DC |

Cato joins in on the fun… | Twitter |

Gbagbo arrested, held by UN… | BBC |

“Crisis not over”… | AP |

Libyan opposition refuses AU peace plan, demands Qaddafi ouster…

| Reuters |

Protests continue in Benghazi… | AP |

Qadaffi unlikely to respect cease-fire… | AP |

At least 11 dead in Belarus bomb explosion… | NYT |

Location has steps leading to President’s residence… | NYDN |

Va. AG upholds property rights in gun case… | RCP |

Chicago school bans packed lunches… | Chicago Trib. |

Largest bond fund: “US is out-Greeking the Greeks” | RT |

Reason interviews Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes | Reason | 

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