Headline Round-up: Monday, April 4th


Sen. Paul: At least Bush came to Congress

NATO to take over operations, but needs US air support

Senators McCain and Graham continue to rattle sabers

Rebel leaders forsee “long” conflict with NATO at helm

Over half of likely voters don’t think Libya is worth the cost


Fukushima dumping radioactive water into Pacific to make room for more radioactive water

Boise has highest radiation level in US


President Paul, VP Ventura?

Obama’s re-election bid made official with new ad

TPaw unveils TV spot quoting… Krugman?

…Krugman not happy

Weigel: Let Ron Paul debate!

Middle East/Africa Uprisings

US moves closer to calling for Saleh to step down as police kill 17 more protesters

UN helicopters fire on Gbagbo forces


858 dead in Afghanistan since Obama inaugurated

Protesters continue to speak out against Quran burnings, kill team photos


Clerics who urged protest jailed


Sen. Paul urges no compromise on debt

Sen. Demint: Balanced budget or bust

Obama to meet with Congressional leaders as shutdown looms

Our cup of tea: new GOP budget eliminates Medicare

Civil Liberties

Man who sold silver faces up to 25 years in jail

Obama admin flip-flops on due process for detainees

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