Headline Round-Up: Monday, May 2nd

Obama announces assassination of Osama… | FSRN |

Liberty movement reacts… | The Huli |

2012 prospects gush… | Y! |

Muslim ‘Hood: So the US can go home now, right? | Reuters |

Clinton: Not so fast… | Guardian |

Senators question aid to Pakistan… | Politico |

Romney to skip SC debate… | Politico |

Newt’s out, too… | Human Events |

Redistricting dilemma: Special election in NV-2 a “free-for-all”… | TheDC |

GOP calls foul… | TheDC|

Treasury can avoid debt-limit-caused default, after all… | WSJ |

Debt grows under both Dem and GOP plans… | AP |

Syrian forces break into homes, arrest hundreds of activists… | AJE |

Journalist missing… | AJE |

Revenge vowed for NATO strike that killed Qadaffi’s son… | AJE |

Under bombardment, rebels call for help from NATO… | Guardian |

Despite deaths, protests grow in Yemen… | AP |

“Casual relationship with the truth” at Guantanamo… | Der Spiegel |

Fla. Constitutional amendments could give citizens tax break… | AP |

Riot police use tear gas, sound weapons on partying college kids at W. Illinois Univ… | RTR |

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