Headline Round-up: Thursday, March 24th


New euphemism for war: “Kinetic military action”

US support for Libya lower than any conflict Gallup has ever polled

Almost a week later, mission clouded by confusion

No chance of Obama giving back Nobel Prize

Obama: No ground troops in Libya… Except for those guys

Kucinch writes letter to Obama

WH claims delay would have cost lives

Libya: Civilian death toll reaches 100

Clinton, Gates to brief Congress next week


3 workers exposed to radiation at plant

IAEA: Radioactivity detected 30km off coast

Colorado, Oregon find traces of radioactivity

27,000 now dead or missing


NATO airstrike accidentally kills 2 civilians

2 British soldiers killed

Human rights advocates urge probe into “kill team”


Riot erupts at Bagdhad prison

Shortage of medical supplies causes prison staff to protest

New study shows severely wounded veterans may not be getting care they need

Water crisis worsens


Reid slams Koch brothers in fundraising email for a group that gets money from Koch brothers

Tribune lists “most-traveled” Representatives


Rand confirms he’s thinking about running if Ron doesn’t

Barbour used state funds for speaking trip

Census: Biggest growth amongst Latinos

Iowa GOP announces third debate

Bachmann to announce by June

Jim Demint won’t run

Middle East Uprising

Syrian President makes rare public appearance in wake of killing of 37 protesters


ECB to raise rates as Portugal teeters

Protests get violent outside of EU summit

Buffet: Collapse of the Euro “far from unthinkable”

Civil Liberties

Alaska nominee says sex outside of marriage should be illegal

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