Headline Round-up: Thursday, March 31st


Gates: “It’s pretty much a pick-up ballgame”

Vatican: Airstrikes on Tripoli killed 40 civilians

Opposition fails to take key oil town

Gadaffi’s foreign minister defects to UK

Less than 1000 people in opposition army


Seawater radiation level rises

No temporary houses built yet

1,000 bodies of victims uncollected due to radiation fears

Ivory Coast

Gbagbo exit likely as Ouattara troops advance

Human Rights Watch: Pro-Gbagbo troops kill 37

Middle East

Syrian President orders review of nation’s laws

“Campaign of terror” against protestors in Bahrain

Dueling protests in Yemen


Boehner ready to give up on budget battle

Sen. Paul jokes about Gingrich, Fox at correspondents’ dinner

Tea Party protesters rally on capitol hill

GOP to unveil plan that cuts $1 trillion from Medicaid

All 47 GOP Senators cosponsor balanced budget amendment


Fed releases discount-window data under court order

European banks got “emergency loans” during 2008 crisis

Geithner urges more nations to devalue their currency to help US at G20

Highest March oil price in history


Ron Paul shows he still has fundraising prowess 


Price tag for bailout of Irish banks rises to $99B

Portugal rejects EU bailout, looks at Brazilian handout

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