Headline Round-up: Thursday, May 5th

Jones, Paul, Amash sign onto bill to bring troops home from Afghanistan…

| ABC |

Pelosi demurs… | The Hill |

Pakistan to US: Get out.. | RT |

Clinton: We’re staying… | Politico |

American flags burned as backlash to OBL death grows… | DailyMail |

“US raid was cold-blooded”… | Reuters |

Clinton shoring up support for Libya mission… | Daily Beast |

“Bombings will continue”… | CNN |

NATO wants ground troops… | RT |

US to increase sanctions on Syria… | AP |

Loyalist soldiers make “scores” of arrests in Damascus suburb… | Reuters |

Court confirms Ouattra as President of I. Coast… | AJE |

Risk of coup in Tunisia… | AJE |

Congress investigating ATF over guns sold to Mexican drug cartels… | NPR |

Obama admin to tax cars by the mile? | The Hill |

FCC standing firm on “net neutrality”… | Washington Times |

Daniels signs sweeping school voucher bill for Indiana… | Washington Times |

Nev. GOP sues over “free-for-all” special election… | The DC |

Fla. Senate OKs bill that shortens early voting… | AP |

Debate next week for NY-26 special… | AP | 

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