Headline Round-Up: Tuesday, April 12th

Sen. Paul takes Committee to task, invoking Ayn Rand’s dystopian “Anthem”…

| Politico |

Days ahead of Atlas Shrugged premier… | NPR |

Could be about the Tea Party… | Forbes |

And a cult classic… | The DC |

Cuts or budget gimmicks? | MSNBC |

Faux cuts in budget axe resigned czars… | Politico |

Cuts end up being only $14.7B… | NJ |

Rep. Jordan continues to push for more cuts… | CNN |

Libyan transitional council to be heard in Qatar… | AFP |

France wants NATO to do more… | Reuters |

Rebels say Qadaffi has killed 10,000… | News24 |

Gbagbo gone, official says no reason for French troops to stay… | AP |

Being held in Abidjan hotel… | Reuters |

Possible first case of friendly fire by Predator in Afghanistan… | AP |

Predators have killed dozens of civilians this year… | RT |

Pakistan asks Pentagon to stop using drones… | WSJ |

And to decrease number of CIA… | NYT |

Obama to meet with Congressional leaders before speech on deficit…

| Reuters |

Puts tax hikes on the table… | MSNBC |

Deficit up 16% in six months… | AFP |

Huck and the Donald getting cozy… | Politico |

Fed official: Banks should be made gov’t entities… | Reuters |

Maine leg. asserts nullification authority… | Portland Press Herald |

N. Dakota leg. wants Constitutional amendment that would tie debt limit increase to state approval | Pelican Post |

Sen. Durbin wants internet sales tax… | CNET |

Town bans tea party signs for being “too political”… | MI Capitol Confidential |


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