Headline Round-Up: Tuesday, April 5th

US spending $4M/day in Libya

NATO causing more harm than good

Changes tactics to avoid human shields

Sibling rivalry complicates ceasefire

57% say US lacks clear goal

24 more dead in Yemen, Saleh still won’t step down

Invitation accepted to strategy meeting in Riyadh

Obama calls for Gbagbo to step down

Gbagbo says no

2 cops killed in Syria

India bans all food imports from Japan

Greenpeace urges government to choose science over politics, evacuate more people

UK to admonish US over treatment of Pfc Manning

Kill Team commander admonished for creating “climate ripe for misconduct”

The anatomy of a government shutdown explained

Some questions unanswered about GOP budget

WH “strongly disagrees” with cuts

GOP was for Medicare before they were against it

All but 9 Senators vote to kill Sen. Paul’s bill invoking Senator Obama of 2007 on War Powers

Portugal’s bond rating lowered again, as are chances of avoiding a bailout

Gold skyrockets after helicopter Ben recommits to more stimulus

Fake 2012 Obama ad gets more hits than real one

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