Headline Round-Up: Tuesday Jan. 18th

Twenty headlines from today you don’t want to miss:

1. UN to send 2,000 troops into Ivory Coast via proposal drafted by US, France

2. DHS: Shutting down websites isn’t a violation of free speech

3. Blackburn to the rescue on internet freedom

4. Sen. Paul to unveil his own budget with $500 bil. in cuts

5. Tunisia’s days old government begins to falter

6. Wikileaked cable shows US was advised to sabotage Iran’s nuclear sites by German think tank

7. Chinese flag eerily flies over US Treasury ahead of Hu’s visit

8. China gives more aid than the World Bank

9. Recommendation of “Volcker rule” could decrease moral hazard in banking industry

10. Brewing battle in Congress over UN dues

11. Reason: Somalia regulates only thing in Somalia that works: Cell phones

12. UFC fighter fired for calling Obama an idiot

13. Cantor dares Reid to put Obamacare Repeal to a vote

14. Obama admin. given silk, statues by Saudis

15. Swiss banker who gave secrets to Wikileaks on trial

16. Giant super-computing surveillance blimp in Afghanistan will “watch and listen to everything”

17. Amash on house floor: If Healthcare isn’t unconstitutional, nothing is

18. Rep. Amash to Vice-Chair Subcmte. that oversees Post Office

19. Obama Dept. of Labor forces unionization

20. Thanks, science: New study shows college doesn’t teach you much

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