Headline Round-up: Tuesday March 22nd


Freedom at the point of a gun: WH says goal is “installing a Democratic system”

Gates in Russia: “We haven’t done anything like this before, on the fly”

Obama brings previously dissenting Turkish PM onboard with “global” initiative

Suprise! McCain agrees with former opponent Obama, pushes for more action

China comes out strong against “wanton” use of force, civilian casualties


Local officials dig mass graves for bodies

First American casualty reported

Obama trip

In El Salvador, blames drug war on American demand

In Chile, refuses to apologize for American support for deadly Pinochet regime


Police officer killed during Kurdish protests in Iraq

For first time in 9 years since invasion, Afghan gov’t takes over security in a region of the country

Middle East Uprising

Yemeni President Saleh vows to step down… in a year


Biden channels Keynes: subsidize higher education to lower dropout rate


Rep. Barton follows Sen. Paul’s lead on the fight for light bulb freedom


Ron Paul/Rand Paul ticket?

Biden takes “friend-raising” trip to Mass.

T-Paw taps Bush rubber stamper for Treasurer

Democrat-turned-Republican ex-Governor of Georgia endorses Gingrich

War-mongering Romney chides war-mongering Obama for not war-mongering enough

Civil Liberties

Bill to prohibit TSA “enhanced” pat-downs moves forward in Texas


Portugal votes down “austerity” measures as debt crisis looms

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