Headline round-up: Tuesday, March 29th


Gadaffi remains strong, makes advances against rebels

Amb. Rice says US would offer safe haven if he stepped down

Open to arming rebels we know nothing about

Son of Gadaffi was interning in US with assistance from State Dept. up until conflict began


PM announces high alert, situation at Fukishima is “grave”

Experts: “Fukushima could be worse”


Army apologizes for new batch of “kill team” photos

Long-term US presence likely to derail peace talks

UK pays Afghans over deaths, injuries


56 dead, 86 wounded after bloody attack proves security still fragile

Middle East

Syrian President fires cabinet in latest concession

11 MPs resign in Bahrain over deadly crackdown on protestors


Demint: We shouldn’t be afraid of a government shutdown

Schumer: I call the GOP “extremist” because that’s what I’m told to call them

Daily Beast’s 10 most ignorant politicians


T-Paw: My bad for supporting cap and trade

Chief RomneyCare architect says Romney was the champion of the individual mandate in MA

Obama re-election campaign secures HQ in Chicago, plans to kick-off April 14th


More interventionism: US imposes sanctions on Belarus


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