Headline Round-Up: Tuesday, May 10th

Momentum building for Afghan withdrawal… | C-SPAN |

Or not… | AFP |

Authorization of force being revisited… | Politico |

Cooperation at an “all-time high” with Pakistan… | C-SPAN |

Iowans pushing Paul to get serious sooner… | Des Moines Register |

Gets support from Free State Project… | MSNBC |

“Trump Collapses” | PPP |

Majority think GOP and Dems so bad we need a third party… | Gallup |

WH: Raise debt ceiling, don’t cut spending… | Reuters |

Sen. Toomey has a balanced budget of his own… | The DC |

Sen. Paul asks WH if it kept Boeing from SC because of politics… | The Hill |

Hundreds of Libyan refugees lost at sea, feared dead… | CNN |

UN seeks help… | AJE |

More than 750 dead, 9000 in custody in Syria… | MSNBC |

DOJ pressures ISPs to retain info on clients… | Politico |

FB asks FEC to let it post political ads without disclosures… | Politico |

Assange gets Australian peace prize… | Reuters |

23,000 Americans targeted in BitTorrent bust… | RT |

Indiana to become first state to end Planned Parenthood funding… | NPR |

Ky. primary next Tues., but will anyone show up? | AP |

Despite push in a quarter of states, NH the only one likely to pass RTW… | AP |

Appeals court pushes Obamacare nullification back a step in Va… | Reuters |

Liberals in Southern Ariz. want a separate state… | Reuters | 

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