Headline Round-Up: Wednesday, April 6th

Obama warns government shutdown would harm economy

Tea Party leaders: Bring it on

Positive side effect: Shutdown would stop IRS audits

Tired of high gas prices? Obama says get a new car

NYC lawmaker wants to ban Happy Meals

Mexicans tire of violence, prepare to mass protest against failed drug war 

CBO: No way the gov’t can continue past 2037

Reason: “Good, Bad, and Ugly” of Ryan’s budget

More record highs in commodities as fears of hyper-inflation rise

Al-Qaeda making a comeback in Afghanistan

Glenn Beck parting ways with Fox

Portugal caves, will need EU bailout after all

French negotiations collapse with Gbagbo

Yemeni protests continue as talks are held in Riyadh

Sudan “reserves right to respond” as Israel is blamed for missile attacks

Ecuador expels US Ambassador after Wikileaks reveal widespread corruption

If only we were as prudent: Russia to steer clear of conflicts in N. Africa

Bruce Fein drafts, circulates article of impeachment against Obama

Ron Paul will make a decision on 2012 within a month

ACORN pleads guilty to voter fraud in Nevada

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